2011/12 Bicycle Tours

2011/12 tours

Garry’s 2011/12 bicycle tours, two years tours on one page, not the usual format for the website, each year generally gets its own page. But this year Garry was going on an extremely long ride which would span over the two years!

Garry started off 2011 with a bicycle tour from Malaga to Monaco, which was a rehearsal for the big ride later in the year! Garry also used it to fill in a gap of the European coast that he hadn’t cycled yet. After this trip, he could then say that he had cycled his bike all the way around the shores of Europe. From Venice all the way around the coasts of; Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and The Netherlands, all the way up to Amsterdam!

That was to be Garry’s only tour of the year until October. He still went away on the odd weekend ride, but, generally, he was too busy, working and getting ready for the big tour!

In September Garry started the build-up to his big ride. With a short amble with family and friends in aid of cancer researchThe charity Garry would be cycling for on his big trip, the following month.

October came, and it was finally time for Garry to leave on his trip. Garry had decided to cycle to Australia in memory of his wife, who had died in 2007, from breast cancer. In the process of cycling to Australia, Garry hoped to raise some much-needed funds for Cancer Research.

Garry made it to Australia in six months, but then decided to turn it into a world tour, and continued cycling!

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Malaga to Monaco April-May 2011
Malaga to Monaco
Pre-World tour charity ride


Bognor to Brisbane October 2011-November 2012
World Tour

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