Tuesday 21st February 2012 – Dumai to Pekanbaru

Dumai to Pekanbaru. 124 miles

I like the hotels here they seem to do breakfast from 6am, always nice to get on the road before it gets too hot. Mind you it was raining for the first two hours today which was rather pleasant, kept it a bit cooler, everybody looks at you when your getting wet, they keep asking you to come and shelter with them. All the locals have got waterproofs on or rather a bag, I was just happy getting wet as it wasn’t that heavy. It was cloudy for most of the day, thought it didn’t feel that hot at all today, maybe I’m getting acclimatised to the heat!

I was a bit undecided as to which route to take through Sumatra, so both yesterday and today I’ve been asking people what they think. Strange thing is that you ask them there opinion and they give it, you then ask them where there from and funnily enough there usually from the area that they’ve told you to go! It’s all a bit academic now anyway I missed the road that I was undecided about taking anyway so my mind was made up for me!

Hotels seem to be few and far between, they all seem to be in the same town, I saw a few after about 40 miles this morning but nothing until where I’ve stopped tonight, even though I came through a couple of biggish towns, hence the milage today.

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