Where’s Garry

Unfortunately, there’ll be no more touring for Garry in the foreseeable future!

All year Garry had been in pain waiting for a new hip, but in July the pain became too severe, and Garry got admitted into the hospital!

After many tests and scans, they eventually found the source of pain! There was an abyss on Garry’s hip! But by now the abyss had become so infected Garry had also contracted sepsis!

Garry spent the next five weeks sedated in intensive care while the doctors fought the sepsis and drained the abyss! Read Garry’s account of his time in the hospital here.

Once the sepsis was under control, they decided to remove Garry’s infected hip and give him a temporary one in its place!

Initially, they told Garry that he wasn’t allowed to ride his bike! But after consultation with his specialist she conceded and said that he was allowed to cycle, but be careful!

Garry’s hoping to get the proper hip replacement early next year, although it’ll be another few months before he’s allowed back on the bike.

But rest assured as soon as Garry’s physically able, he’ll be back touring!

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Updated November 2018

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  1. Good luck Garry – take care and travel safe….we’ll be cheering you on from Brisbane….and waiting at the finish line!

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