Where’s Garry

Where’s Garry cycling at the moment? It’s been a long time coming, what with the Covid-19 pandemic and Garry’s health, but finally, Garry’s off to the continent on his bike.

With only a few weeks to spare, Garry wondered where he could cycle. There are still a lot of covid-19 restrictions around the World, adding to the difficulty. But after a bit of thought, Garry came up with the idea of cycling to Liechtenstein. A bit random, but it’s somewhere Garry’s not cycled, and also, his route there will take him across parts of France that he’s not cycled before.

Assuming Garry makes it to Liechtenstein. This may be a little doubtful as Garry is once again anaemic. But assuming Garry is okay and doesn’t take too long to reach Liechtenstein, he’s hoping to head towards Luxembourg and Belgium. Two other countries where Garry hasn’t cycled that much.

You can find out where Garry is at the moment by subscribing to Garry’s blog or by looking at the map below. Each marker shows where Garry spent that night. Along with a brief description of the day, plus the mileage cycled for that day.

You can follow Garry’s progress on social media, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Where’s Garry Map

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  1. Good luck Garry – take care and travel safe….we’ll be cheering you on from Brisbane….and waiting at the finish line!

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