Where’s Garry

Garry’s back at home recovering from his brief trip to France earlier on in March.

After managing to cycle to Paris and back in four days, Garry returned home in a lot of pain! And spent the next week recovering! Maybe he overdid it, or maybe he’s just not as fit as he used to be, who knows! Whatever it was Garry didn’t mind as he really enjoyed being away and is itching to get back in the saddle once again!

But for the next few weeks, he’s grounded while he babysits cats, his daughter and Julie, who are both away! And as sod’s law would have it, in that time he only has the one hospital appointment!

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Updated March 2019

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7 Replies to “Where’s Garry”

  1. Good luck Garry – take care and travel safe….we’ll be cheering you on from Brisbane….and waiting at the finish line!

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