St-Richards-Hospital 18th September 2021


St-Richards-Hospital 18th September 2021, I was up and out of the ward before 8 o’clock this morning! The Goodwood Revival meeting is on this weekend, and there’s a flypast of Spitfires at dawn. Well, not really dawn, but that’s what they call it!

Unfortunately, I didn’t see too much, as most of the flypast was hidden by the hospital’s buildings. But the roar of that Merlin V12 is unmistakable. Watching a whole squadron taking off must have been an incredible sight! Albeit in an unhappy time!

I managed to get a couple of photos, but nothing special. I’ll try again tomorrow morning.

Just about my best shot!

Because I went to see the Spitfires, I missed breakfast, as I knew I would. But I had already made my mind up that I would go along to the cafe in the hospital for a fry up, even though recent experiences haven’t been good! I wasn’t disappointed, it hadn’t improved! It was worse. You don’t even get a plate or proper knife and fork now! It comes in a takeaway box! With a wooden knife and fork, which can neither cut nor stab anything!

English fry up in a box
My breakfast

I can remember when it used to be a great place to go for a good quality cheap meal. When my wife was here, back in 2006/7, the kids and I would come over of an evening and go up there for supper. I think it went downhill, as do so many of these places when they get outsourced to some big corporate company! It was always a popular place with both staff and patients. Now, you rarely see a member of staff eat in there at all!

Other News

I found out today what the ward (Aldwick) next to mine is. I’d been wondering ever since being in here. It had particularly spiked my curiosity as the doors were always closed! It was the same when I was in the Wittering ward across the corridor. Well, today, I found out, it’s a high dependency Covid-19 ward! No wonder the doors are always closed! I didn’t ask how busy they were. Hopefully, they aren’t.

Saw this on my walk this afternoon

Apart from seeing the Spitfires and breakfast out, it’s been a quiet day. Nothing happens too much over the weekend. And now I don’t have any antibiotics to take either it’s felt even quieter. Had I not had this infection lurking in my hip, they would have let me go home for the weekend. Haha, how ironic!

Well, just as I was sitting writing this, the doctor came and said I could go home! I didn’t need to telling twice. My bags were packed before he left the room! It always surprises me how quickly things change in hospitals! One minute, it seems you’ll never get out, then before you know it, you’re on your way home! I can’t say I’m surprised, really, as in myself, I feel fine, and my observations are all okay. And if they don’t have a slot in the theatre for me, it’s a waste of a hospital bed, especially as it’s so busy.

Garry McGivern
Cheers, it’s good to be home

I don’t think I’ll be home for too long, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I’m back on Tuesday! Although possibly not that soon, my feeling is that it’ll be next Friday, but I don’t know. I’m just going to enjoy being home! And drink loads of beer, cheers!

St-Richards-Hospital 17th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 17th September 2021, well, that was a pleasant evening last night. I spent it being a pin cushion! My cannula needed replacing, and once again, nobody could get a new one in!

I think I’m the new practice dummy! Now I’m facing the prospect of a third operation in as many months! For new cannulas and anything to do with hips!

Last night’s moon

After speaking to the doctors this morning, I might not be having another operation! They’ve whittled it down to two options! One; another six-week course of antibiotics. Which is the easiest and less risky, but it might not work after already having been down that road twice. Two; bite the bullet and go for another total hip replacement! A lot more complex, with more complications!

The doctor who visited me this morning was personally sceptical about another course of antibiotics and thought the full hip operation was probably best. But as he said, it’s not up to him. The decision will be between Mr Wakeling (my consultant) and Mr Rao, the head of orthopaedics, and the surgeon who performed my first washout. I await to hear.

The above was all written earlier while waiting for a wound change. And I knew it was a mistake to try and write today’s update early!

The good news is my markers have come down again today. All antibiotics are have stopped! And no more needles or cannulas. That’s the good news. Although the rest of the post isn’t really bad, it’s more of a way forward!

The Way Forward

Well, a decision has been made, and from what I can tell, it’s going to be a long drawn out affair with months off the bike! They’re going for the full hip replacement, but over two operations, starting next week! Although I’m not entirely sure of the procedure, I think it goes something like this. Firstly they’ll remove the entire hip, give it all a good washout and take some swabs for analysis. The whole hip will then be packed with antibiotics and a temporary hip or something (that’s the doctor’s words, not mine) put in its place. This will all be left, and I’ll then have to take a six-week course of antibiotics.

I saw Mr Fox last night

After six weeks of antibiotics, assuming everything is okay, they will perform the second operation and give me a proper hip! Which hopefully will be the end of it all, or will it be the start again? I have a couple of questions that I need to ask on that! The reason for stopping my antibiotics today is so I don’t get too used to them, and they’ll have a better chance of working after the operation!

Touring bike by water
Just to wind myself up!

Unfortunately, that looks like the end of any cycle tours I may have had for this year! But looking forward, it does mean more of the world will be vaccinated against Covid-19, and there will be fewer travel restrictions! All I can do is hope all goes well and plan some tours for next year!

St-Richards-Hospital 16th September 2021

St-Richards-Hospital 16th September 2021, haha! Who mentioned going home? I don’t think I’m going to mention it again!

Because of the increase in my markers, I’m back on IV antibiotics four times a day for the time being. Anyway, it depends on my reaction to them! And if they’re not working in the right way, there’s a couple of other antibiotics to try. One of which is very powerful, which they don’t like to give!

Weather vane
Weather vane at the hospital
Things Go From Bad To Worse

Not too sure I’ve mentioned that my hip has swelled up over the past few days! And become more painful. All linked to my markers increasing, no doubt. Anyway, the doctor sent me for an ultrasound scan to see what it was. The radiologist was very thorough, and I was there for a good 45-minutes, with him and prodding and probing! At the end of it, he didn’t say too much apart from “you don’t need me to tell you it’s swollen, do you!” I asked, “so is it fluid that can be drained off or what?” “Unfortunately, it’s a lot thicker than that, and it will probably need opening up to remove it!” He said.

Tea and biscuits
The housekeepers make sure I don’t miss out. I came back to this after a walk!

Shortly afterwards, back on the ward, the doctor came to visit and basically told me what I already knew! I’m off to the theatre again! As to whether it will be another washout or full hip replacement, who knows, they are having discussions about the best way forward. But at least I’ve discounted one option, and that was to operate today! I’d already had my lunch!

And this is all before I get the “special blood test” results, it’s so special, it has to be sent to Bristol! On a brighter note, my infection markers are slightly down today.


August 2021 Photos


August 2021 photos, as you might expect with Garry’s ongoing hip infection and hospitalisation, there’s not been much for Garry to photograph! But Garry being Garry, he’s still found some pretty inane things to photograph!

A lot of the pictures, as you might expect, have been taken in and around St Richard’s hospital. But there are also photographs from Garry’s day out to Chichester Marina. He’s also been busy in the kitchen cooking the odd meal. But as standing is still too painful, most of his meals have been in the microwave! There are also a few from his walk down to the beach.

There are also a few photos from Garry’s Instagram page.

August 2021 Photos