Garry McGivern’s November-2022 Photos

Crashing waves on rocks

Garry McGivern’s November-2022 photos, photos that have appeared on the website over the past month. This month’s photo gallery comes from my previous trips to Kazakhstan, India, Turkey, Austria, Nepal, India and the UK. Plus, there are a few pictures from my recent rides in the UK.

Most of the photographs that I’ve taken this month can be found on my Flickr page. Pictures in the Flickr album come from Arundel, Pagham Harbour, and the floods around Felpham and Bognor. And, of course, there are one or two photos of Garry. Click on the picture below this month’s photo gallery to view the album. There are also more photos on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Garry McGivern’s November-2022 Photos


November 2022 Flickr Photo Album

November 2022 Travel Photos

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On This Day 2nd-December-2011

This week’s on this day post comes from the 2nd-December-2011, and I’m on my world tour in Turkey. But things seem to have fallen apart after the route I was going to take through Iran is no longer viable. And I’m now looking at an alternative route to continue my ride to Australia.

Friday, 2nd December 2011 Gerede to Ankara. 88 miles.

Well, I’ve made it to Ankara a bit quicker than I’d expected and just realised it’s the weekend. So the Saudi embassy is unlikely to be open tomorrow! But I’ll still go and have a look, just in case. If the embassy is closed, I’m certainly not going to sit around waiting until Monday for them to open. I’ll just book a flight to India and give up on Saudi Arabia, which might be the easier option anyway. Because even if I can get a visa for Saudi and manage to reach the UAE, I’ve still got to try and get a boat to India.

It’s been another tough ride today with two big climbs. The first climb was 1600 metres, and the second was just over 1100 metres! And there were still the trucks, spewing out their thick black smoke as they struggled up the hills!

Man by big sign
At the top of the Akyarma Pass

Cycling into Ankara was odd! I was on a six-lane highway with only me on it! Which was a big relief. I was expecting the same chaos as I had when I cycled into Istanbul. And considering how busy the roads have been since leaving Istanbul, it was a big surprise. But I wasn’t complaining. I think it may have been a new road, which wasn’t fully open. Although I don’t recall passing any signs saying it was closed.

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Garry McGivern’s November-2022 Update

Water fields castle

November-2022 update Garry McGivern’s monthly update. Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink. Well, at least there’s plenty to drink. The trouble is there’s also plenty everywhere else. It’s been a wet and windy month, with floods and high seas. Not exactly ideal weather for cycling, although I have been out a few times, but only locally. A lot of the time, I’ve been out walking.

As I think I may have mentioned in last month’s update, I was thinking of going away on a longer tour. And as much as I would love to fly off somewhere and tour, I am still a little worried about my fitness. Or rather my health. I don’t want to go somewhere, become unwell and have the problem of getting home. So I thought I would head over to France again, despite not knowing where to go, but I would have worried about that once I was there.

But then a couple of things happened, and I had to wait for a phone call from the hospital. Not knowing the outcome of the phone call, whether I would have to go to the hospital or not. I decided not to go to France. I just knew that the hospital would want to see me if I went abroad. But as it turned out, I don’t need to go until December.

Beach and big waves
Rough seas in Felpham

Cycling in the UK it would be, then. At least if I had to get home quickly, it wouldn’t be a problem. I could just jump on a train. But as I mentioned earlier, the weather has been awful. If it’s not been raining, it’s been blowing a gale. But most of the time, it’s been doing both together. And then I had the slight problem of cracking my ribs, making cycling rather painful.


I was at home sitting at the dining room table, where I usually sit. It’s where I’m most comfortable. Anyway, while watching television one evening, I dozed off, which is nothing new. But on this occasion, I was woken up with a sudden thud as I hit the ground, trapping my arm underneath my torso and pushing my elbow into my ribs! And before anybody asks, no, I hadn’t been drinking, well, not much!

Other News

With all the speculation around Twitter at the moment, I signed up to Mastadon. But I haven’t managed to get my head around it yet. It all seems rather complicated and not user-friendly.

There are a couple of short videos that I’ve posted on my YouTube channel and Facebook page. They are both somewhat short and show the bad weather and some of its effects.

I’ve also given in and bought an Airfryer; everybody seems to be raving about them, so I thought I’d give it a go myself. I only received it the other day and haven’t had a chance to use it yet. It’ll be something to play with on wet days.

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On This Day 25th-November-2011


This week’s on this day post comes from the 25th-November-2011, and I’m in Turkey, a month into my bike ride around the world. But now it’s time to have a few days off with Julie, who is flying over from the UK.

Friday, 25th November, in Istanbul.

After checking into the hotel last night, I went for a much-needed haircut. It wasn’t that it was that long. I just like it nice and short. It requires very little maintenance, and I don’t wake up with bed hair! I also had a hot towel shave while there. My supper was tasty, and I had it at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant, which looks out on Istanbul and the Bosporus.

I woke up this morning at my normal time of 5.30. Only today, I didn’t have to rush around packing my bags and loading my bike! It was nice not having to rush around, although it did feel rather odd! No doubt, after a day or two, I’ll get bored with staying put and want to get moving again! But until that time I’ll enjoy relaxing in my rather nice hotel! Although I can’t see the Bosporus from my room, I can hear the low sound of foghorns from the ferries that cross back and forth from Asia to Europe.

After a leisurely breakfast, I had a few things I needed to do on the website, which took much longer than expected! Once finished on the website, I went out for a walk. It was only a brief walk, as it was time to go and meet Julie at the airport! The hotel had already told me the best way to get to the airport and which bus to catch. No wonder my ride into Istanbul yesterday was so hairy! I’ve seen how they drive from the other side now! I was glad to reach the airport alive!

Julies flight was on time, and it was great to see her again, even though it had only been a month since I last saw her! And it’s not as if I’ve not spoken to her via Skype, but you can’t beat face-to-face meetings. We ran the gauntlet of the bus back to the hotel, and It wasn’t any better the second time! By the time we arrived back at the hotel, most of the day had gone. So we retired to the bar, playing the tourist will have to wait until tomorrow!

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