Monday 4th June 2012 – Maybell to Steamboat Springs.

Maybell to Steamboat Springs. 72 miles.

Got stopped by the police again today! Riding up a hill I heard a siren behind me, I turned around and it was a police car beckoning me to stop which I obviously did, not much chance of out running them! After stopping and turning around he made a gesture to wait, 5 or 10 minutes I waited for him to get out of his car, think he was trying to find my number plate! When he eventually got out of his car and came over I said have I done something wrong, to which he replied yes! I was racking my brain trying to think what I’d done wrong, I hadn’t been through any red lights that I knew of, perhaps it was mistaken identity and it was somebody else he meant to stop. Apparently your meant to ride on the hard shoulder which I do apart from when there’s too much rubbish on there, must admit that I didn’t know it was law though. He asked me for id so I gave him my passport which he looked at, then took it back to the car to obviously check out. After another 5 or 10 minutes he came back and said I’ll just give you a warning this time! I later found out that he also stopped 4 other cyclists that I met, think that maybe he was bored or a jobs worth!

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