2019 Bicycle Tours

Garry’s 2019 tours, where will Garry’s bicycle tours take him in 2019?

Probably not very far! Garry’s still recovering from sepsis and major hip surgery that he had last year! And is waiting to go back into hospital for further surgery on his hip!

But in the meantime, the recovery’s going well, and Garry has high hopes of getting away somewhere although possibly not very far!

All tours will appear below as and when Garry completes them.

To see if Garry’s away on tour at the moment take a look at the where’s Garry page.

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White cliffs
England February 2019
Cobbles people chateau
France March 2019
Grass colourful sculpture
France May 2019
Grass sea
Ireland July 2019
Loire Valley and The Rhine River October 2019

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