Saturday 5th May 2012 – Loganholme to McDowell, Brisbane.

Loganholme to McDowell, Brisbane. 30 miles.

Very short ride today, only 30 miles, it seemed to take forever, probably because I kept stopping to check I was going the right way, but I’ve made it now and I’ve finally reached my cousins place in Brisbane, after 6 months and 11800 miles on the road, not as far as I originally thought, but I did miss out a big chunk ie Iran and Pakistan!

The last few kilometres were a little hard they live up in the hills, but not that bad. Got to the top of the last hill and was looking around to see if I could see the house, which I couldn’t, but there was a big clue they’d put a sign up saying here Garry on the side of the road! It was then just a short ride up the gravel drive were I was met by my family.

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