Sunday 8th July 2012 – New York to London Gatwick via Dublin

Smooth flight from New York to Dublin, the only thing that was wrong was

the onboard entertainment centre in my seat wasn’t working, but I had an

empty seat next to me so I just watched that one instead. The transfer of

planes in Dublin also went well, looked out the window and saw it was

raining, good old Ireland! Got to Gatwick and it was really raining and

felt bloody cold!

My bike and bag were the first to come out on the baggage carousel. I was

in and out of Gatwick in record time.

Still in a fare bit of pain from being knocked off my bike, so got a taxi

to the hotel.

I was going to put my bike back together straight away this afternoon but

decided to leave it until tomorrow instead and went into the nearby pub

and had a roast dinner!


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