Thursday 16th February 2012 – Gemas to Simpang Renggam

Gemas to Simpang Renggam. 88 miles

Found it pretty hard going today for some reason, spent most of the day chasing the rain, but luckily never caught up with it. Not until right at the end of the day, but I was checking into the hotel then so it was fine. Really nice little hotel, although the girl on reception had a bit of difficulty understanding me. I was asking if there was somewhere safe that I could leave my bike but she couldn’t understand me, poor girl was trying so hard as well, she eventually got her manager, who was a very pretty Malaysian girl, who spoke very good english. (Think I’ll have to get managers more often if they all look like this!) She let me put it in an empty shop unit downstairs that wasn’t being used and locked it up for the night.

Got given some chopsticks from the restaurant last night which was nice, there sponsored by Guinness! Got talking to this very pleasant couple in tonights restaurant, they were telling me that both of their children went to university in the UK one in Liverpool and one in Aberdeen and that they’d driven from Aberdeen to London and back whilst they was there! They even paid for my meal which was very nice and totally unexpected, but much appreciated! After they’d left I stayed to have another drink (only coke unfortunately) went to pay for that and they told me it was on the house! A very cheap evening indeed feel pretty guilty!

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