Thursday 3rd May 2012 – Maclean to Brunswick Heads.

Thurs 3. Maclean to Brunswick Heads. 77 miles

Think I prefer staying in motels to pubs, although it is handy having a bar down stairs! Their not any cheaper and you have to unload your bike and generally put it somewhere else in the hotel and wait for somebody to come in, in the morning to let you get your bike. Whereas a motel they just let you wheel it into your room, no unloading, you know where it is and just leave when your ready. Also pub/hotels seem to be a bit shabby and in need of updating!

Met a young lad from Holland today who was cycling from Melbourne to Cannes, rode with him for half an hour or so then left him as he was stopping a bit further back.

Strange motel tonight the owner a lady has got 100’s of birds all in small aviaries scattered around the place, she’s also very abrupt!

Decided to get a haircut, so I look pretty for my cousins on Saturday!

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