Wednesday 11th April 2012 – Crystal Brook to Burra.

Crystal Brook to Burra. 59 miles.

Hard ride again today wish that headwind would go!

Bit surprised about the temperature, it’s really quite chilly even put my fleece on today! I’m nearly at my furthest point south and then I start to head north, perhaps it’ll warm up a bit then!

The scenery’s changed a bit it’s rolling hills, with fields of wheat, not that there’s any there now it’s all been harvested, think there waiting to burn the fields when the ban on fires runs out on the 15 April.

Seen loads of sheep and cattle today in the fields that had the wheat in, not sure what they eat as it’s only the stubble that’s left! All the sheep and cattle seem to be very nervous, I don’t even get that close and there off across the field, all you see is a dust cloud disappearing into the distance, think it’s probably my helmet!!

Went to the campsite tonight but they were full, they were expecting a coach load of about 60 children all staying in individual tents, that wouldn’t be noisy would it! Had to slum it in a motel instead!

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