Bike-Ride To Australia 16th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 16th-November 2011 Novi Sad to Grocka 72 miles. Not a very busy hotel last night, there was only myself and one other person, a German businessman. The girls on reception were very helpful and spoke good English. It’s always handy when you’re understood! I didn’t get on the road until 8 o’clock this morning. It seemed to take forever to get breakfast, as it was waiter service only.

The roads were a bit busier today, but then I was heading towards the Serbian capital, Belgrade. I managed to find my way through there reasonably well. I just follow my compass! I’m getting pretty good at not getting lost in cities on this trip.

The Danube at Novi Sad, Serbia
The Danube at Novi Sad, Serbia

There are loads of small dogs roaming around, who seem nice and friendly. They always wag their tails as I cycle past. There are also medium-sized dogs that don’t seem quite as friendly! I was cycling along this morning when I saw one of these bigger dogs attacking cars as they drove past! Then it was my turn to pass, and I was all ready for it to attack me! But to my amazement, he just ignored me! Yet as soon as another car came behind me he was in attack mode again! Most bizarre! However, I did get chased by a dog this afternoon! But luckily, I was already going pretty fast and was able to get away from him.

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