Wednesday 18th April 2012 – Darlington Point to Wagga Wagga.

Darlington Point to Wagga Wagga. 100 miles.

Jumped out of bed really early this morning, I could hear the sound of rain on the tent and didn’t particularly want to pack it away soaking wet. Luckily the rain never really came to anything, but at least I was on the road nice and early.

Seen a lot of crop spraying from the air, thought at first it was somebody practicing stunts when I first saw them in the distance, but as I got closer I could see them spraying.

It’s either been snowing in certain fields today or their cotton fields!

Bit worrying when you see signs saying “road liable to flooding markers show depth!” And the markers are a metre high, at one place there wasn’t any markers but you could see the debris from a flood caught in a tree about 5ft up! Even more worrying when I saw the weather forecast in a roadhouse at lunchtime, they’ve predicted 40mm if rain!

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