Bike-Ride To Australia 18th-January 2012

Bike-Ride To Australia Wednesday 18th-January 2012 Mengyang to Mengxing. 54 miles. Not a good start to the day! I spent the first five kilometres going uphill, only to find out the road I was heading for didn’t allow bicycles! Ever since leaving Kunming, I’ve been following the G213 road. But I’d lost it this morning, so I had to find an alternative. Not this one, though!

The next road I found was the Expressway (motorway), a definite no! But after much phaffing around, I eventually found the right road. A stressful start to the day! But at least with all this toing and froing, I found out the town’s name in English.

River and mountains
Muddy looking river

It’s been hot and sunny today. It’s starting to warm up now. So much so the shorts are back out! Hopefully, they’ll stay on now, all the way to Brisbane, Australia. I’ve even managed to get sunburn on the backs of my hands! I might have to put some sunscreen on them tomorrow.

I’m not impressed with tonight’s hotel. It’s pretty crap and expensive! Well expensive by Chinese standards, £11, which is way more than I’ve paid anywhere else, with maybe the exception of Kunming. But then that was booked through a western website. It was also a noisy hotel, although that wasn’t necessarily the hotel’s fault! There were loads of fireworks going off outside in the build-up to the spring festival, Chinese new year. But because I wasn’t happy with the hotel, I blamed them!

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