Tuesday 17th January 2012 – Simao to haven’t got a clue!

Simao to haven’t got a clue! 80 miles

Left the hotel this morning full of confidence that I knew which way to go. My next major town that was marked on my map had an airport and I’d seen the signs for the airport last night so I knew which way to go. Off I set following the signs ten minutes later I was there! I wasn’t staying at the town I thought I was at all, I was 20 or so miles further on than I thought! Now I’m used to waking up and not knowing where I am, but that’s usually on a Friday or Saturday night! After that I was a bit disorientated all day and although I know I’m on the right road just not too sure where, mind you the map I’m using is on such a large scale that most of the places I go through aren’t on my map, hence I don’t know where I am tonight, I know where I am on the map but not the name.

Been having the strangest dreams the past few nights, couldn’t tell you what there about but I do remember thinking how strange they were! Think it happens when you sleep at altitude, I remember somebody telling me once, think I’m quite low down tonight so should be ok!

Saw some elephants when I went past a reserve but none in the wild.

Remembered today about being at the school the other day, I’d say something and the students wouldn’t understand, so the teacher would repeat the question, exactly the same in english just with her chinese accent and they’d understand her!

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