Bike-Ride To Australia 17th-January 2012

Bike-Ride To Australia Tuesday 17th-January 2012 Puer to I haven’t got a clue! 80 miles. I left the hotel this morning full of confidence that, for once, I knew exactly where I was and which way to go. The next major town on my map showed an airport. And I’d seen signs for an airport last night. It didn’t take long before I picked the airport signs up again. It also didn’t take long before I was there!

The town where I thought I was staying last night wasn’t where I thought at all! I was about twenty miles further down the road. Now I’m used to waking up and not knowing where I am, but that’s usually on a Saturday or Sunday! After a heavy session of drinking the night before!! For some reason, my earlier confusion has thrown me out all day and really disoriented me! And although I know I’m on the right road, I haven’t a clue whereabouts. But then, most of the towns and cities that I pass through aren’t on my map.

Over the past few night’s I’ve been having the strangest dreams! I couldn’t tell you what they were about. All I remember is thinking how odd they were! I seem to remember somebody telling once that it’s quite a common occurrence when sleeping at altitude. I think I should be okay tonight, as I’m a bit closer to sea level.

Dirt track surrounded by banana trees
Bananas everywhere

The countryside has changed quite a lot. Gone are the terraced hills, replaced with banana plantations. Bananas, bananas everywhere, but not a single banana to eat! I also passed a nature reserve today and saw some elephants, but I’m yet to see any in the wild.

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