Bike-Ride to Australia 26th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Monday 26th-March-2012 Yellowdine to Coolgardie. 97 miles. What a great roadhouse that was last night. It was cheap, the staff were friendly, and they served great food with big portions. One member of staff even gave me a couple of beers. And as for breakfast this morning, it was huge. And just what I needed to set me up for the day, and just as well, they did. The roadhouse staff obviously knew what lay ahead for me.

Straight road
More long straight roads

I’ve cycled over ninety miles between Yellowdine and here in Coolgardie, and there’s been nothing. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing, not a shop, house or gas station, nothing! It’s just been mile after mile of long straight roads, and I’m not even on the Nullarbor Plain yet! I think tomorrow maybe even further, between signs of life!

I’m not sure how I will cope when I’m on the Nullarbor. I’m finding these long straight roads pretty boring already. I tried playing i-spy today, but I kept getting it right on the first guess! There’s not even that much traffic to break the monotony. There has been the odd road train, though. They create a lot of turbulence when they go by, and I have to hold on tightly. That’s about the only bit of excitement I get.

I’ve finally got a phone signal again tonight. There’s not been a signal of any kind since Northam. Which I thought was quite ironic. Now my phone is actually working properly, and I’m able to receive calls. There’s no signal!

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