Friday 10th April. Genets to Les Pieux. 79 miles.

Nice meal in the campsite restaurant last night, I would have been quite happy to sit there all night drinking beer but I was too uncomfortable so I went back to my tent to lye down and almost immediately fell asleep! Didn’t know what time to get up this morning as I wanted to get going more or less as the sun rose, so I set my alarm for 4am. 4am arrived and it was like the middle of the night so I reset it for 5am. 5am arrived and it was still black outside I then spent the next three quarters of an hour just pressing the snooze button until eventually I got up at 5.45 my normal time at home! Pleasant ride along the coast passing through loads of little villages. I was going to push on to Cherbourg tonight but in the end I saw a sign for this campsite, thinking it was just off my route so off I went in search, firstly I went up a hill, that’s ok I thought it’ll be at the top and that’ll mean I’ll have a nice downhill to start tomorrow morning off with. When I got to the top there was another sign telling me to go left which then started to go downhill, I started to go down very slowly not wanting to have to go to far as I would then have an uphill first thing in the morning, before I knew where I was I was at the bottom of the hill and still no sign of it just another signpost telling me to go right then left after that, I eventually found the campsite down a dead end road right on the seafront! I went into the reception but couldn’t find anybody so I started to look around (it’s a big campsite with a big reception/shop/bar/restaurant!) I eventually found a girl cleaning who spoke very good English, I asked her if there was a pitch available for the night to which she replied unfortunately we’re closed until tomorrow we don’t open for the season until then! Well the look on my face must have said it all I really didn’t fancy going all the way up that big hill again, I asked if there was anything else around to which she replied no only back up the hill in Les Pieux! Residing myself that I would camp wild tonight I started to leave when another voice called out to say it was ok to stay, thank god for that as I really didn’t fancy camping wild or going 3km back up that hill! And that’s why I very rarely detour from my route and why I generally stop at the first place I find! I’ll sleep sound tonight with the thought of that nice climb first thing in the morning! Sunset at the campsite tonight.
Sunset on the beach

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