Cycle Touring England Friday 11th September. Bognor Regis to Brockenhurst. 67 miles.

Yesterday was spent carrying out a couple of chores at home, annoying the locals down the pub and a couple of appointments that I had to attend! Which was the only reason for coming home in the first place! So seeing as the forecast is pretty good for the weekend I’ve decided to come away again before we get too far into Autumn and all the campsites close! But once again I’ve got to be home on Monday so I’ve only come the shortish distance down to the New Forest and Brockenhurst. I was originally intending to go over to the Isle of Wight but when I was in Southampton on Wednesday I saw that Bestival was on over there (Bestivals a concert) so I thought that the island would be pretty full and best to avoid the place! It’s been a very leisurely ride down to the New Forest and has taken me most of the day! I’ve been stopping off at the slightest excuse, mainly because of that blister on my bum it’s still killing me and is really painful to sit on my saddle! I did or rather I got Julie to buy me some sanitary towels to use as padding! But they don’t seem to have made any difference! I arrived at the campsite at about 5pm and checked in (no chance of a free night here!) then preceded onto the campsite to find my normal pitch, disaster! Somebody was in the spot that I always camp in,  what was I going to do now? I can’t pitch somewhere else it’s not right I always pitch there, the same as I always use the same shower cubicle! After wandering around dazed and in shock wondering what I was going to do I eventually found somewhere else to pitch my tent and my world soon turned back to normal when I was able to use my normal shower cubicle! Such a creature of habit! Not too sure what I’m going to do tomorrow, I might move on somewhere else or stay here I’ll see in the morning! Entertaining evening, firstly I went down the local pub and had a bite to eat, a few pints and annoy a few locals! Then when I came back to the campsite I sat watching all the late arrivals trying to pitch their tents in the dark, not being able to do it and then the whole thing ending in an argument! Such fun and entertainment for me to watch!

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  1. I’m a Malthusian – copulation results on population. There’s a mass movement of people across the globe. You can’t even get a park bench let alone a camp site. Damn the Bestival.

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