Friday 13th January 2012 – Yuanjiang to Mojiang

Fri 13. Yuanjiang to Mojiang. 49 miles.

Well I think that must be the hardest ride I’ve ever had, the first 26 miles were all up hill. Met some chinese cyclists who had also come from Kunming. I’d been riding for about 2 hours when I met them and I asked them how much further this hill went on for, 13km they said, what they really meant to say was 30km! When I eventually got to the top after 5hrs, it was so nice to just free wheel down hill for a while, it didn’t last long only about 2 miles then it was onto a plateau then up hill again!

Kept bumping into the other cyclists on and off all day. When I bumped into them later in the day, I again asked how much further to the city, 3km was the reply, more like 30km! Don’t think I’ll take any more notice of them if I see them tomorrow!

Not too sure if it’s because of the weekend or whether it’s because it’s coming up to the chinese new year, but had trouble finding a room tonight, eventually found one after 5 hotels!

Not too sure what I had for dinner tonight, not being able to read the menu, I relied on my old method of asking them to order and even that’s not easy. Not sure whether it was eel or pike it might have even been snake but I don’t think so, all I could say is it was very bony and not much meat, can’t say I enjoyed it that much!

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