Saturday 14th January 2012 – Mojiang to Dongguan.

Mojiang to Dongguan. 44 miles.

I’ve given up on trying to do my 80 miles a day at the moment it’s just too mountainous, 20 or 30 km going up hill is hard work and I am out to enjoy this trip not kill myself and I’m certainly not some keeno athlete!

It started to rain today as it did yesterday now I think about it. The roads are very Slippery when wet. Yesterday as it started to rain a motorbike went past us, I was with the chinese cyclists at the time. The bike stopped just ahead of us to put their coat on, as they were standing next to the bike putting their coat on a lorry came round the corner, lost the back end and careered into the motorbike and the person, the bike went under the lorry and the person was knocked flying into the trees, I couldn’t see the person, neither did I really wish too! As they was behind a big rock, there was plenty of other people around helping and the cyclists I was with also stopped, so I decided to carry on up the hill, leaving the bike under the lorry and cries of pain coming from behind the rock. Needless to say I was very cautious going round corners if there was a lorry coming in the opposite direction!

Later on when I saw the cyclists again, I asked after the biker and they said that they was ok, I do hope so as they did go flying through the air, it was like something you’d see in a film!

More mountains to go up today, not quite as bad as yesterday though, as I said earlier I’m out to enjoy myself, so when a hotel came up fairly early, when I say early it was nearly 5pm, I decided to stop and what a good idea it was! The hotel is still being built but your not actually in a building site. Anyway I went into the courtyard to ask the hotel people were I was on the map, as I wasn’t 100% sure! They were playing cards and I was beckoned to sit down which I did I was then given some rice wine and some nibbles, I watched the game of cards with great interest, thinking I’d worked it out one minute, then not really having a clue! It was a drinking game and the person that lost had to drink some rice wine, which was home brewed and in a 5ltr container! Every time somebody lost and they had to drink they’d toast me so I had to drink as well! The game finished and the table was cleared and out came this huge banquet of food, I went to leave as I felt I was intruding, but was told to stay and was given a bowl and some chopsticks. There was about 9 of us including the hotel owner and some children that were around, we were joined at different times by different people who would come and go. Later on we were joined by two english teachers from the local school, who explained that it was the hotel owners brother, his family and some friends. All the food, apart from some fish, rice and veg was all pork just the different parts of it cooked in different ways. There was lots of toasting with rice wine all night a lot of it aimed at me! Later on the men started to play a game, with drinks of course, it was a bit like stone, scissors, paper, but with numbers, gestured with there hands, very fast, couldn’t work out this one at all but then I suppose it was getting late and I’d had a few to drink! Really glad I stopped the night here.

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