Friday 20th April. Bognor Regis to Langton Matravers. 49 miles

Well I never did make it to the pub at Worth Matravers it was a bit further and took me a lot longer to get here than I thought!

Kitchener bridge
The Itchener bridge at Southampton, normally I’m cycling over it

The day got off to a good start I managed to get on an earlier train than expected, just as well really or I would have been arriving at Worth Matravers in the dark!

Horses on a football pitch
Horses playing football in the New Forest

It was a pleasant ride through the New Forest then onto Christchurch (not the one in New Zealand!) where I picked up one of the national cycle routes which runs along the seafront for about 7-miles.

That 7-mile ride was a bit of a surprise as in I was surprised as to how many people were on the beach it was heaving in places! Although from the picture you wouldn’t believe it!

7-miles along beaches like this

After riding along the seafront to Ssndbanks it was then a short crossing on the chainlink ferry to the Isle of Purbeck which isn’t actually an island, but hey ho.

Once on Purbeck it was a short but hilly ride to Tom’s Field at Langton Matravers where I’m camped for the night.

Cars on a ferry
On the chainlink ferry

Not too sure what or where I’m going tomorrow I’ll decide over night!

Garry McGivern
My rather swollen and puffy eyes

One slight problem tonight my eyes are really puffed up and keep running, I think it maybe the sun cream running into them when I sweat!

2 Replies to “Friday 20th April. Bognor Regis to Langton Matravers. 49 miles”

  1. Well, it’s all good fun. Did you feel the heat much? I went over on the hovercraft and was surprised to see it has racks for bicycles. What about the Hythe ferry? It’s always a good short cut to the New Forest. One of your photos reminded me of Chesil Beach. You never mention tea and cakes.

    1. So do you think the hovercraft takes bikes now? Did you cycle to Hayling island then? The heat doesn’t seem to worry me I prefer cycling in hot weather! What’s tea and cakes?? Oh I think it’s that thing that Julie likes doing but I always win and we go for a pint!

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