Bike-Ride To Australia 23rd-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Friday 23rd-December 2011 Baharagora to Bagnan. 92 miles. This morning, I wasn’t in a good mood, not after being charged 1000 rupees last night! If they had charged me 500 rupees, that would have been too much! And it was playing on my mind, annoying me!

When I went to leave the hotel, the owner or the man who had charged me the extortionate rate for my room and another man was there to see me off. The man who I hadn’t seen before shook my hand, as does everybody in India! Then Mr Ripoff went to shake my hand. I completely blanked him and left!

My mood didn’t get any better! The road was still a nightmare, and so were the trucks! They never gave me any room, and I’m sure they were deliberately trying to drive as close to me as possible! After I started shouting and swearing at them! I decided it was probably best to take a break. I was getting too wound up. It wasn’t good for me!

As I sat at the roadside café talking to some of the locals, my bad mood started to lift! And I began to forget about the tosser who had ripped me off last night! It was definitely the right move to have a break when I did. Even the roads started to improve shortly after!

Man and baby
Friendly local who lifted my mood

I should be in Calcutta tomorrow. I’ve only got about 30 miles to cycle, so hopefully, I’ll have found a nice hotel for Christmas by lunchtime. Although I am a bit worried as the doctor I went out for dinner with the other evening said that there are a lot of Christians in Calcutta who will be celebrating Christmas with their families. I just hope the hotels won’t be all full! Or it will be no room at the inn for Garry!

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