Friday 23rd December 2011

Fri 23. Babaragola to Omaga. 92 miles

Not in a very good mood this morning, being charged 1000 rupees for my room last night was really winding me up, if he’d have charged me 500 that would have been over priced!

The road didn’t get any better either it was still like a lunar surface and as for the truck drivers, I swore and gestured at a few of those! After a few hours the surface started to improve and after talking to several people my bad mood started to lift, knowing that tosser from last night who ripped me off was just a one off and certainly not representative of most of India.

Should be in Calcutta tomorrow, I’ve only got about 30 miles to do so hopefully by lunchtime I’ll have found a nice hotel for Christmas, although I am a bit worried as the doctor I went out for dinner with the other evening said that there are a lot of Christians in Calcutta, so they’ll be celebrating Christmas, just hope the hotels won’t be all full, or it will be no room at the inn for Garry!

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