Cycle Touring England Friday 25th March. Brighstone to Bognor Regis. 62 miles.

Late start this morning seeing as I didn’t get much sleep last night! The wind and rain were making so much noise, which always sounds a lot worse in a tent! It was the wind that kept me awake mainly at times I felt the whole tent move! The weather was so bad I went down to the local pub (The Three Bishops) and stayed down there as long as I could (any excuse) but even they kicked me out in the end and I had to return to my tent! I did wonder if it would still be there! Which of course it was! I got into my tent and snuggled down into my sleeping bag and just lay there listening to the wind and rain, hoping that I wouldn’t be blown away! The wind eventually died down at about 3 am and I was at least able to get a few hours sleep. One question I have though! Why is that when I’m at home or in a hotel I don’t need to get up in the night and go to the bathroom, but as soon as I’m camping I feel the urge to go, bloody twice last night in that storm, got soaked each time! Decided to come home, in the end, today, from what I’ve seen of the weather forecast it’s going to be an even stronger wind tomorrow! At least it was a nice cycle home in the sunshine and I walked indoors at about 8 o’clock after calling in at the pub first!

Funny face
Me in the tent last night wondering if I’d be blown away!

2 Replies to “Cycle Touring England Friday 25th March. Brighstone to Bognor Regis. 62 miles.”

    1. Hi Andras,
      Hope your keeping well. Thankfully the really strong winds were on Sunday night/Monday morning so I managed to avoid them. That was one of the reasons I came home on Friday because the forecast was so bad, in fact I’m sure I felt the house shake in the early hours of Monday morning!
      There was a recording of the wind speed being over 100mph which for you is 160kph on the Isle of Wight! So glad I came home the campsite that I stay at on the Isle of Wight is right on the cliff and its windy enough there at the best of times!

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