Travelsonabike2 Austria Friday 27th-September-2013

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Austria on Friday, 27th-September-2013. A day in Innsbruck. Decided not to go anywhere today, as it’s another wet day. And there were one or two bits that I wanted to do but couldn’t whilst moving.

The first was a trip to the hospital! My back went again about a week ago, which then, in turn, started my sciatica off again! I’m fine all the time I’m riding. I’m not in any pain at all. It’s only when I stop and start to walk or at night when I try to sleep. I don’t normally have any trouble sleeping! I’d only brought a few of my painkillers, thinking that I wouldn’t need too many, which I soon used up. Paracetamol just isn’t strong enough, and they won’t give you anything stronger at the pharmacy, hence the trip to the hospital!

Busy street full of people
Altstadt Innsbruck

After an examination by a doctor at the hospital, they gave me a prescription or a recipe, as they called it, for some stronger stuff! Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight, hopefully! What with my sciatica, I’d also picked up an eye infection and had to get some antibiotic eye drops in France. But that’s all cleared up now. Let’s hope that’s it now for all my ailments! The joys of getting old!

Whilst I was here, I decided to get a haircut which proved a bit harder than I thought! Despite there being loads of hairdressers, I couldn’t find a barber. Well, not until after I’d had a haircut. All the hairdressers I tried were just too busy and couldn’t fit me in. I did eventually find one with only a half-hour wait.

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