Friday 28th September 2012 – Momyshuly to Lugovoy.

 Momyshuly to Lugovoy. 108 miles.

Nice easy ride on new roads and fairly flat.

Met a bloke from Germany cycling in the opposite direction, first cyclist I’ve seen since I’ve been here! He was heading to Tashkent in Uzbekistan to spend the winter. Don’t think he’s got any real plans, think he’s just going to be travelling for four years, had a nice conversation with him.

Been riding along the border with Uzbekistan for the past two days, all that separates us is a mountain range and I’m sure I’ve seen snow on some of the higher peaks.

Must really try and stop a bit earlier each night so I can sort out better places to camp, last night I was next to a track, which I obviously didn’t notice, which was busy with traffic for most of the night, I was hidden in the trees so I was fine. Woke up this morning to find that I’d also pitched my tent next to the skeleton of a dog, well I think it was a dog, lovely! Don’t think I’m in a much better place tonight, I can hear the roadworks going on and there’s so much dust in the air, even though I’m about a mile away I can still hear it all so clearly. I’m also on a trail that looks as if all the cattle use, as long as I’m gone in the morning before they come through, it’ll be fine. They don’t move cattle at night, do they?

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