Kazakhstan, Cycling The World 7th-September-2012

Garry McGivern’s cycling around the world, Friday, 7th-September-2012, Magat to Saghyz. 64 miles. Luckily the wind died down around midnight last night, allowing me to get some sleep for a while! It didn’t seem long before I was woken up again by some horses I could hear outside my tent. Although they probably weren’t as close as I thought, sound travels so much at night.

I now see why the roads are so bad in Kazakhstan. Whenever they start to build a new stretch of road, it attracts every vehicle from miles around. Who drive on the newly levelled ground churning it up before they even get a chance to put a base layer down! I did see one security guard at the beginning of a new stretch of road. But there wasn’t a lot he could do. The cars and trucks just went around him!

Onion potato meat
I wasn’t too sure if this was horse meat or mutton! Tonight’s supper

Just before stopping tonight, I stopped at a café and got talking to some truckers. Who said that the bad road goes on for another 160 km? I’ve already been cycling on a dirt track for a day and a half, and I’m really not enjoying it!

It’s been a solitary ride today, just me, a few camels and one or two flies! I’m camping in a graveyard tonight in what looks like a spare plot. Well, I hope it’s spare, and there’s not somebody buried beneath me! It’s the only place I could find where there wasn’t any traffic. Because the roads are so bad, cars and trucks drive everywhere. At least the neighbours will be quiet! I hope!!!

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