Friday 7th September 2012 – Magat to Saghyz.

Magat to Saghyz. 64 miles.

Never got blown away last night the wind eased off at about midnight! Had a visit in the night from some horses that I could hear outside, they probably weren’t as close as I thought as noise travels more at night.

I can see why the roads are so bad! When they do a new stretch of road, as soon as they put any sort of base or even if they’ve just levelled it ready to put a base layer on, all the traffic makes a beeline for the newly flattened piece of road and just ruins it before anything else can be done! They do seem to have one security guard on duty at the start but everybody seems to just go round him!

Had dinner with some truckers at a cafe just before I stopped who said that this road or rather lack of it goes on for another 160km! I’ve already been on it for a day and half! Not enjoying it!

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