Saturday 8th September 2012 – Saghyz to Bayghanin.

Saghyz to Bayghanin. 83 miles.

Looking back at Australia and in particular the Nullabor, that seems like a walk in the park now! I had good roads to ride on and I knew exactly where places were to stop. Here the roads are none existent and generally I don’t have a clue as to how far I have to go! It’s all good fun, although the roads or tracks are a real pain, literally, in the bum!

Not stopped in the best of places tonight, I’m right next to the railway and they seem to come past every half hour or so! Don’t think I’m going to get much sleep tonight! It was the only place a bit out of the way and away from the road, can’t just camp anywhere, where the roads are so bad all the trucks and cars just go anywhere to find the best route and there’s a good chance that I could get run over in the night! So I came over the railway line to the other side where no vehicles go and where I’d be out of sight. What happens just as I’m putting my tent up, the train breaks down, blocks the level crossing, so a few cars ventured down past me, luckily I’m behind an electricity pylon and safe from being run over. They soon fixed the train and moved on. Just going to get half an hours sleep now before the next train comes through!

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