January 2018 Update

Thankfully January’s over with the weather has been awful! It just seems to have been wet and windy all the time! Especially on weekends!

Pebbles on the prom
Felpham seafront closed off to cycling

On any normal month when I’m not touring I usually manage to do at least 250-miles on various rides or just going to the shops, but this month all I’ve managed is 60-miles! And most of that was on one day!

Beach huts
Stone covered prom

Because of the bad weather, I decided to make another annoying video! It seemed quite appropriate as it was after a windy night on the Isle of Wight last year!

On the health front, I had appointments at the hospital for my back and hips both on the same day, which was rather handy although not at the same time. The first appointment of the day was for my back. Unfortunately, when I turned up for the appointment, it was cancelled due to the doctor being ill! Not the best of starts!

The second appointment in the afternoon was for my hip, which thankfully they didn’t cancel! As this was my first appointment, I had to go through my various health issues! An hour later when I’d finished telling him, he sat back and said: “you’re in a pretty bad way, what the hell have you been doing to yourself?!” After more discussion and examinations he came up with his verdict, a new hip! Which he thinks will also help my back. I’m now waiting for a phone call telling me when I’m going in.

It was only a few days ago on the 29th that I went to the hospital and thinking about it all now there’s a couple of good points 1; it’s a hip for life, I’m having a ceramic hip opposed to a metal one they only last about 20 years. 2; he thinks I’ve got at least 20 years left in me!

Hopefully, the weather will be better in February, and I can get out on the bike a bit more and maybe even do a spot of winter camping, especially if I’m going to be laid up for a month or two!

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2 Replies to “January 2018 Update”

  1. HI Garry! You’re a bloody marvel – I never see you lolling in a cafe. I wondered what happened to you last month and thought you might have packed up.Keep up the videos, they are good. I’ve now got an old Dawes bike and hope to do more cycling this year. I experienced those big lorries in Iran. They really kick up the dust.
    Keep drinking the spinach smoothies!
    p.s. A ceramic hip you say.

    1. Packed up! More likely I would have died if there’s no new post!
      I don’t usually have a problem with it, and it normally works fine, it probably was down to operator error and something that I’d done!
      An old Dawes bike? Does that mean that it’s not electric and your peddling again?
      I must admit I was a little surprised when he said a new hip I thought they would have tried injections first! I told you, you were in better shape than me!

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