Monday 13th February 2012 in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

And the day started off so well! I’d got a call from the people I’d emailed last night about my gears and they were very good, they emailed me back last night and then phoned me this morning. They’d arranged for a shop to do the work and even text me the directions! Think that’s where I went wrong! The idea was that if I got lost I could just show people the text and they would point me in the right direction, good idea shame nobody really read it properly or didn’t know, I just kept getting different ways to go the only consistent thing was everybody kept saying it’s a long way away, what do you mean by a long way, 9km! If only they knew how far I’d come! After nearly 4 hours of trying to rely on other people I gave up and managed to find my own way there by following the railway line, as I knew the shop was by a station. Left the bike there over night because I got there so late, there’s an annoying clicking coming from somewhere, so their going to try and sort that out. So got to stay another night, which is fine seeing as I wasted most of the day looking for that shop. It only took half an hour on the train to get back!

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