Bike-Ride to Australia 14th-May-2012

Garry McGivern’s bike-ride to Australia Monday 14th-May-2012. In Brisbane. My last full day in Australia before leaving for the USA. I’ve just remembered I’d not mentioned that I was cycling home via America. Well, there you go, you know now. It seemed a bit of a cop-out to fly home after cycling here. And especially as I missed out on Iran and Pakistan, I can make up some of my mileage!

I’ll still be cycling for my charities, Cancer Research UK and the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation, so please keep those donations coming. The links are all below.

I met up with Beverly and her husband Haans at lunchtime to say goodbye. And I met up with my other cousin Penny in the afternoon. I also got a chance to speak to my aunty for the first time since arriving here. She’s in a care home, which went into lockdown just before I arrived. They’ve had some gastric outbreak, which I certainly don’t want to catch! They hoped she would have been allowed out before I left, but unfortunately, not. But at least I got to talk to her via Skype. It was nice to see her.

Metal kangaroo on bench
City Roos sculpture I saw in Brisbane today

I’ve been trying to find crocodile meat since I’ve been here. We can’t get it at home, and I thought I’d try it. But yesterday, Zoe managed to find some. What a disappointment. It was tough and tasteless. At least I know not to bother with it again.

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Don’t forget to sponsor me as I embark on the next leg of my journey, cycling across the USA. All donations go to cancer research charities. You can donate to Cancer Research UK or the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation. Click on either one to donate.

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