Monday 14th October 2013 – Larissa to Kamena Vourla.

Larissa to Kamena Vourla. 93 miles.

Got told by some other cyclist yesterday that it was flat all the way to Athens! Now I don’t know what drugs or what he’s been smoking but it certainly wasn’t flat not with a 1200m climb anyway! But I always take what other people say with a pinch of salt, I hope their right but I’m not disappointed when their not!
My dog stick came in handy today I had to fend off some other dogs today, really not enjoying the dog situation!
I’ve been in the clouds for most of the day (some say I’m permanently in the clouds!) and not been able to see anything at all, it was even raining for a while but it’s so humid the sweat just pours off of me!
Nice hotel tonight or rather the locations nice right on the seafront, I’m sitting on my balcony writing this with the sound of the sea lapping on the beach.
Sometimes you just wish you wasn’t alone! But only for a moment!

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