Monday 30th January 2012 in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen

Another day off! I’ve not been feeling 100% for a good few days now and last night it got bad again, was hoping to be ok this morning, but no, not a chance I daren’t go too far from the toilet or rather I couldn’t! So that was it another wasted day, but I did manage to sort out my photo gallery on the website, or at least the bit I do, I’ll let Steph do the complicated bit. But at least I can load photos back onto the website.

Went down to reception earlier to get some paper for writing not toilet paper! Only to find the girl on reception doing her exercises with a hula hoop around her tummy, the one where they move backwards and forwards and the hoop goes round them. Anyway she asked me if I wanted a go, with my stomach the way it is I think I might have made a mess on the floor! So I politely declined, got my paper and went back to the safety of my room.

I did venture out this afternoon for a haircut but didn’t feel that safe in case I had an accident! I also went out to get some food, a lovely dinner of bread, crackers and banana washed down with a glass of water, I’m trying to be really sensible for a change as I’m getting a bit fed up with having the trots. I’m not even going to have a beer tonight!

Still don’t feel brilliant tonight, hopefully I’ll be better in the morning, we’ll just have to hope for the best. I don’t mind cycling along feeling a bit ill as you tend to forget your unwell, but not with the fear that if you fart it might not be just a fart and you could follow through!

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