Bike-Ride to Australia 30th-January-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Monday 30th-January-2012 Khon Kaen. I’ve had another day off! I said yesterday that I wasn’t feeling 100%, and last night the shits came back! I was hoping that I would have been okay by this morning, not a chance! So I’ve had another wasted day, stuck in my room! Although I have managed to sort out the photo galleries on my website, in between trips to the bathroom!

I needed some paper (not toilet paper), so I went down to reception. Upon arrival, I found the girl on reception doing her exercises with a hula hoop around her tummy, the one where they move backwards and forwards, and the ring goes around them. She asked me if I wanted a go. Not with my stomach the way it is. I might have made a mess on the floor! I politely declined, got my paper and went back to the safety of my room.

That’s Risky

I ventured out this afternoon for a haircut but didn’t feel that safe. I just hoped that I could stay seated for long enough, without having an accident! While out, I got some food for supper. A lovely meal of dried bread, crackers and a banana, all washed down with a glass of water! I’m not even going to have a beer tonight! I’m trying to be sensible for a change. I’m getting a bit fed up with having the trots.

Bread cheese and banana on a plate
My delicious supper

I’m still not feeling brilliant tonight. But hopefully, I’ll be better in the morning. I don’t mind cycling along feeling a bit ill as you tend to forget about it. But when it’s the shits, you live in fear that if you fart, it might not be just a fart, and you follow through! We’ll just have to hope for the best.

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