World-Bicycle-Tour Video Garry’s Birthday-Party

World-Bicycle-Tour Video Garry’s Birthday-party. A video posted on Garry’s YouTube Channel took on his 22,000-mile cycle ride around the world.

It’s December the 15th, and it’s Garry’s birthday! He’s in Nagpur and has found himself a western-style hotel with a bar and restaurant. In the restaurant that evening, Garry talked to a group of businessmen. After finding out it was his birthday, they asked him to join them. They even bought Garry a birthday cake!

Birthday cake
The cake that was bought for Garry

A brief interlude for Garry before continuing on his unaided solo bike ride around the world. However, it wasn’t a world tour at the time of shooting this video! Garry was only cycling to Australia.

World-Bicycle-Tour Video Garry’s Birthday-Party

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