On This Day 10th-March-2015

This week’s on this day post comes from Tuesday, 10th-March-2015, and I’m cycling around the East coast of England. Or rather just heading back to continue the ride I started the week before. I was undergoing physio once a week and was still recovering from a second operation that I’d had on my back in January.

Tuesday 10 March. Bognor Regis to Gravesend via London by train. 33 miles

Bognor Regis to London, Victoria by train. Then London Victoria railway station to Gravesend cycling. I had my hydrotherapy yesterday, which is why I returned home on Saturday. I quite enjoy hydrotherapy as I feel it is doing me some good. But as it’s only once a week, I’ve decided to come away as planned and continue my ride around the East coast of England, so I’m now in Gravesend.

Man by Big Ben
Who’s this young chap!?!

The day started with me jumping on the first available train from Bognor, or maybe not the first but the first cheap train, which was just after ten o’clock. The train ride was okay until we reached Horsham, about midway between Bognor and London. A young woman got on the train with her baby, which was fine. I don’t have a problem with that at all. The trouble was this woman felt the need to constantly talk to the baby in that stupid way that some people do, i.e., “look at the little doggy woggy or let’s take a selfie welfie and send it to daddy waddy!” It was a running commentary on everything she did or what anybody else did! It was driving me mad. Fair enough, talk to the baby but talk properly! Luckily she was only on there for a few stops.

Time To Start Cycling Again

Once I arrived in London, I had a nightmare on the roads. There were a lot of road closures, causing more traffic jams than usual. And because I’m so wide, that’s the bike, not me. I can’t just nip between the traffic. In the end, I gave up, got on the pavement, and pushed my bike. It was a lot faster. Mind you, once I could ride, I had my normal difficulty finding my way out of London. I eventually found the right road, although I’ve not done as many miles as I’d hoped. But then I do seem to be struggling quite a bit lately!

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