On This Day 31st-March-2012

This week’s on this day post comes from 31st-March-2012, and I’m in Australia cycling across the Nullarbor Plain.

Saturday 31st-March-2012 Caiguna to Madura. 98 miles.

Chilly start to the day. I even woke up in the early hours feeling a bit cold. But it soon warmed up once the sun got up.

I stopped off for breakfast at the Cocklebiddy roadhouse this morning and got mistaken for a trucker, which got me the trucker’s discount on my breakfast. It must have been my high-vis top. It can’t be my beer belly. I don’t have one anymore; I’m a toned athlete after more than nine thousand miles! It was a much better break than yesterday’s when those birds attacked me.

Sign and eagle statue

I’ve seen plenty of emus today, but I’ve still not seen any kangaroos. Not alive, that is! I’ve seen plenty of dead ones by the side of the road. Apparently, kangaroos tend to come out after dusk, explaining why I’ve not seen any. Thankfully I’ve usually stopped before it gets dark. I wouldn’t want to hit one. I think I might come off worse, looking at the size of some of them. Thinking about it, I have seen a kangaroo. There was a pet one back at the campsite in Northam. Supposedly there are also a lot of wild camels roaming the countryside, which I’ve not seen either.

Emus in long grass

The clocks have gone forward by forty-five minutes, which seems a bit random. It’s an odd amount to change by! But that’s what the big sign said as I cycled past. And I double-check at the roadhouse tonight just to make sure.

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