On This Day 3rd-March-2012

This week’s on this day post comes from Saturday, 3rd-March-2012, and I’m still in Indonesia on my world tour. And I’m not a happy bunny.

Saturday 3rd-March-2012 – Tanggamus to Bandar Lampung. 59 miles

I was in a much better mood today. I think I may have been overdoing things over the past few days. What with all the hills and the long distances I’ve had to cycle before finding somewhere to stop for the night. Remember, the whole reason for my bike ride is to raise as much money as possible for cancer research charities. I’m sure everybody can afford at least one pound! I’m still not happy with the lack of sponsorship.

Derelict building
Believe it or not this was my hotel last night

While eating breakfast this morning, I watched the school run, which is rather different from the school run back home. Here it’s all scooters. I even saw one scooter with one adult and four children on it! There are no mums in their expensive 4x4s.

I’ve still had plenty of hills today, but at least they haven’t been vertical, and I could ride up them! Going up these hills, I sweat so much. It always looks like I’ve wet myself! I’m definitely wearing the wrong colour shorts.

Wet shorts
It’s not a good look

Short ride today. After the last two days, which have been very long, I thought it might be good to stop early. I still have problems with my phone and need to talk to Vodaphone. I was also worried about finding another hotel after Bandar Lampung and feared another long day. I also wanted to find a hotel with internet access. I might even stop for two nights. I’m not too sure yet.


I really do wonder why I bother staying in these wannabe posh hotels! Oh yeah, the internet! But apart from that, there’s no other reason. The service is usually bad, and the standards are no better than the cheap hotels. And tonight’s hotel ran out of beer at the bar! I should get a refund for that! Despite the bar running dry, I had quite an enjoyable evening watching Liverpool v Arsenal on the TV with the hotel staff.

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