Bike-Ride to Australia 10th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Saturday 10th-March-2012. Cirebon to Pekalongan. 88 miles. I felt okay this morning and was on the road by seven o’clock. I need to get to Bali. I’ve got a flight to catch.

I’ve seen plenty of boats today

I don’t know what’s going on with me at the moment! But I’ve still got a craving for western-style food! I stopped for lunch at McDonald’s today. What is going on? I rarely have a McDonald’s at home, and I don’t think I’ve had a McDonald’s since leaving Europe. But now I’ve had two in as many days!

It’s been a wet end to the day today. And I spent the last two hours of the day cycling in the rain. I had thought that I was nearer to Pekalongan than I was, so I hadn’t bothered putting a jacket on. Not that it makes a lot of difference, I sweat as much as it rains! The rain started to ease off just as I’d found a hotel. Just as well, I was beginning to get a bit chilly.

Disaster Averted

I spent two hours walking the streets of Pekalongan tonight and went in nearly every single shop. But I couldn’t find any beer anywhere! Nooo! It was once I’d returned to the hotel that I found out Pekalongan was a dry city! Why did I stop here? Luckily, one of the porters said he would go to the next town on his scooter to get me some. For a fee! Oh yea, how much? 20,000 Indonesian rupiah, about two pounds. I knew £2 was a lot more to him than me, but it was an absolute bargain for me, and I was more than happy to pay him.

My phone is still not working. And I was on the phone with Vodafone again tonight. After asking the girl on the other end a question, she said, let me look at the frequently asked questions on the website! Couldn’t I have done that! The last thing that she said was, “I’ll phone you back”, “but it won’t work, that’s the problem” I replied, “I’ll email you then”. I’ve not heard a thing since! Just as well, I had some beer. Bloody Vodaphone stresses me out.

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