Saturday 10th March 2012 – Cirebon to Pekalongon.

Cirebon to Pekalongon. 88 miles

Felt ok today, so it was a case of getting up, load the bike up, get breakfast, checkout and leave. Was on the road just after 7.

I seem to still have this craving for western style food, stopped at McDonalds for lunch again today! What’s going on? I rarely go there when I’m home, yet here I’ve just been twice in as many days!

Really wet end to the day it started to rain and I thought I was nearer to Pekalongon than I was, so carried on cycling. The rain got harder and harder I must have been pedaling in it for nearly two hours and it was starting to hurt where it was so hard, trouble was, I was soaked through to the bone and if I’d have stopped I probably would have felt cold. It started to ease off just as I found a hotel!

Had trouble finding beer tonight apparently it’s a dry city! After walking the streets for nearly 2 hours trying different shops I gave up and went back to the hotel. It was then I found out about it being a dry city.

One of the porters said he would go on his scooter to the next town and get me some, for a small fee, here we go I thought what extortionate price is he going to charge me. 20000 rupiah which is less than £2, I know it’s more to him than me but £2 is an absolute bargain I think!

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