Saturday 11th April. Les Pieux to Grandcamp-Maisy. 75 miles.

Last night certainly wasn’t the best nights sleep I’ve ever had, first of all it started to rain which in a tent always sounds a lot worse than it actually is, I was just getting use to that and started to drop off again when the wind got up and started rattling the tent about, I knew I should have put the guy ropes out, but me being me and being a bit lazy I very rarely do and besides it’s hard enough putting the tent up at the moment as it is! I lay there listening to the tent flapping in the wind wondering whether to get up and put the guy ropes out, but I was to cozy and warm in my sleeping bag so I just cat napped for an hour or two dozing off for a while then to be woken up by the tent flapping in the wind! Needless to say I’ve put the guy ropes out tonight! There’s been a strong cold wind all day today sometimes with me other times against me, but luckily it seemed to be with me the majority of the time! Had rain this morning for the first time on this trip I’d just got to Cherbourg when it started, I’d seen a sign for McDonald’s so I thought I would wait it out in there but unfortunately they don’t open until 10 am over here so I had to keep going. I hadn’t put my waterproofs on thinking that I was going to stop so by now I was pretty wet and I couldn’t find my way out of Cherbourg probably because of the rain I tend to have my head down and miss signs! I eventually stopped to put my waterproof jacket on, although it was possibly a bit too late! Once I had my waterproofs on I was able to look at the signs a bit better and soon found my way out. The rain lasted for about two hours before clearing up, to leave a lovely sunny day although there was still a strong cold wind.

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