Saturday 24th December 2011

 Sat 24. Omaga to Calcutta. 29 miles.

Short ride into Calcutta this morning, I was in the hotel by 1pm, it’s a bit posh and cost a lot more than I thought, but me being me I couldn’t be bothered to search around it was the first one I found and as somebody said to me, best to pay a little more and know your bike and you are safe! Quick shower then off to find the Bangladesh high commission on the off chance that their open on a Saturday, they weren’t but at least I know where it is now. Walked to the high commission, and even though I’m in India there’s defiantly a Christmas feeling here with people dressed as Santa’s and everybody with Santa hats on, after all mother Teresa came from here and she was a Christian.

Spent the rest of the afternoon checking emails and uploading pictures to the website, I was very good I didn’t have a drink until 5 o’clock!

Not so sure being away for Christmas is such a good idea, feeling a bit down now and fairly lonely, too much time to think, never a good thing!

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