Saturday 2nd March. Brighstone to Bognor Regis. 60 miles.

Well I was very good today and didn’t dither at all! And as a consequence every ferry I went on, literally left just as I got on!

I didn’t leave the campsite until gone 10 o’clock this morning, there was no rush and besides it was drizzling first thing so I waited for that to stop.

Rough sea and cliffs
A rough sea this morning

Before leaving the campsite I went to say hello to Gordon the alpaca, but for some reason he was a bit off with me!

White alpaca
Gordon or rather Norman giving me a strange look

After getting the cold shoulder from Gordon I went to say goodbye to the people who work at the campsite. It was then that I learned the possibly reason for getting the cold shoulder from Gordon, it’s not Gordon its Norman! No wonder he ignored me!

In my defence it was last July when I learnt his name, and I was pretty drugged up on medication then, so an easy mistake to make on my part! I just hope I remember it properly now!

Alpacas in a field
The two female alpacas on site

Came home via Southampton today just to make a bit more of a ride. A pretty fast ride back as the wind was getting gradually stronger as the day went on, which thankfully was generally behind me.

Man hill
Coming up the hill out of Shorwell this morning

Hopefully I’ll be able to get away again soon, but probably not for a week or so looking at the weather forecast for the week ahead!

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