Saturday 31st March 2012 – Caiguna to Madura.

Caiguna to Madura. 98 miles

Chilly start to the day, I even woke up in the early hours feeling a bit cold, but it soon warmed up once the sun got up a bit higher.

Stopped off at a roadhouse for breakfast this morning and got mistaken for a trucker, so I got the truckers discount, not much, but it all helps. Think it was my high vis top I wear that done it, can’t be my beer belly, I’m that toned athlete now!! (It seems to me that most truckers seem to have a big belly!)

Saw some Emus today, but still not seen any kangaroos, not alive anyway, plenty that have been hit by trucks or cars, there’s hundreds of them sadly! Apparently they tend to come out at dusk more, which is probably why I’ve not seen them, thankfully I’m normally at my stop for the night before it gets too late. No the only kangaroo that I’ve seen is that one I saw way back in Northam, there’s also supposedly meant to be wild camels but not seen them either.

The clocks have also gone forward 45 minutes which seems a strange amount to change by, but that’s what the big sign said and I double checked at the roadhouse tonight just to make sure.

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