Spanish Bike Ride 30th-April-2011

Garry McGivern’s Spanish bike ride Saturday 30th-April-2011 Portsmouth to Brighstone, Isle of Wight. 26 miles. A huge thank you to Liz for putting me up last night. It made a pleasant change to be staying in somebodies house. And also, thanks for the fry-up she cooked me. It was a bit of a struggle to ride afterwards!

It was a short ride along Portsmouth seafront from Liz’s to the Isle of Wight ferry terminal. And unsurprisingly, I was the first to arrive. But it was long before others started to arrive. I think there may have been around sixty or seventy of us this year, an excellent turnout. And a good few who had never cycled the Isle of Wight before. Soon everybody was on the ferry, and we were on our way to the Isle of Wight. I think the ferry staff hate us with all our bikes. There always seems to be so much chaos.

A pile of bicycles
The bikes on the ferry

On the Isle of Wight, it’s a nice short ride to Rookley, where we stop off for lunch. Although I do appreciate that it doesn’t seem short for some. But everybody made it. Trish and John also joined us. They had decided to walk across the island instead of cycling this year.

After a few pints and a huge roast dinner, it was time to leave. There were one or two adjustments to a couple of bikes. Then we were off again. Everybody arrived at the campsite safely, eventually! Some had got lost and needed rescuing. But it’s all part of the Isle of Wight weekend.

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