Sunday 25th December 2011, Christmas Day in Calcutta

Merry Christmas everybody hope you’ve all had a nice day!

Started the day off quite late as I was still trying to download some pictures to the website, it takes forever! After breakfast and all downloads had finished I went out to play the tourist, just what I love doing, not! Walked around the corner from the hotel and saw a barbers so decided to get my haircut. Got rather more than I bargained for, firstly he didn’t listen to the grade of cut I wanted, so I now look like someone off crime watch as my daughter put it! At least I won’t need a haircut for a while! Then got a head and upper body massage, nearly turned round and hit him when he first started, as he was smacking me on the head!

Went for a wander around a cemetery strange place to go but it was recommended. A very eerie place all the huge tombs of different shapes and sizes over grown with vines and all you can here is crows crowing, very spooky!

You get hassled a lot more here than in Mumbai or any other city I’ve visited in India, by people wanting you to go to there shop, feels a bit like Istanbul!

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