Sunday 29th September 2013 – Valdaora to Vittorio Venento.

Valdaora to Vittorio Venento. 86 miles.

Not a very pleasant day today it’s been overcast and raining on and off all day. Spent the morning climbing up the 1500m Pass Cimabanche and there was me thinking it would be all down hill now! Bit of a shame going through the Dolomites I could really see too much the cloud bass was too low, I kept getting the odd glimpse but not the whole view, what I saw was pretty spectacular just wish I could have seen it all.
It’s been downhill more or less since I was at the Cimabanche pass and that was about 50 miles ago!
Ended up on the wrong road this afternoon or rather it was the right road it’s just I shouldn’t have been on it, firstly I was on these huge flyovers with strong winds blowing from the sides and cars whizzing past me, next I had some scary Mary tunnels, really not that comfortable in them there dark even though I had my lights on you just never know if the cars will see you and there’s no hard shoulder had three of those all nearly a mile long! I was certainly glad to get off that road and onto the quieter road that I should have been on in the first place!

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