Sunday 4th March 2012 – Bandar Lanpung

Bandar Lanpung

Decided that I would stop another night after all. I was feeling a bit tired after the last couple of days and it’s always good to have the internet to update things, plus my hands are starting to develop blisters from sun burn again!

Spent all morning on the laptop, at least it kept me out of the sun, totally, not even got a window in my room, well I have but it’s behind a great big hoarding, so with no light on I’m in complete darkness!

Went out for lunch and found a couple of outdoor type shops, which really surprised me, they even sold tents! Brought myself a pair of fingerless gloves to try and protect my hands from the sun. Can’t believe I’m going to wear gloves in 30° heat!

Spent the afternoon in the hotel bar, but they soon ran out again, despite me saying they need to get more than 8 cans in! There obviously not used to drinkers here!

After running out of beer, for the second time! I went out for a walk and to get some more beer. Went to this small shopping mall that had a supermarket that sold beer, there was also this big hall with remote control racing cars in it which was very popular, I could see why, I found it pretty interesting, they went at quite a speed!

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