Sunday 9th September 2012 – Bayghanin to Qandyaghash.

Bayghanin to Qandyaghash. 94 miles.

Surprisingly the trains didn’t keep me awake as much as I thought, I think after a few had come through I’d just wake up and then just go back to sleep!

The tent was pretty damp this morning when I got up, think autumns on it’s way, it’s a bit cool first thing in the morning also.

Been able to ride on asphalt for the first time in three days, it’s not exactly smooth but it’s so much better than none at all!

Hoping to find a hotel tomorrow night, so at least I can have a shower and wash my clothes, maybe a bar and wifi would be expecting a bit much, but you never know, I think it’s a fairly substantial town.

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