Thursday 19th January 2012 – Mengxing to Mangle

Mengxing to Mangle. 48 miles

Loads of fireworks last night, they must have gone on for about 2 hours and it’s not even new year yet! Was wondering if I should stick around for the new year but it’s another 4 days away, think I’d get bored waiting! Anyway hopefully I’ll get to the border tomorrow and cross into Laos, that’s if I can get my visa at the border, should be ok, think this is the one and only crossing between China and Laos that you can get a visa at the border. If not I’m in trouble as my Chinese visa is only a single entry and I’ll have to leave China before I can get the Laos visa I think! Could end up stuck in between with nowhere to go!

Today’s the first day in months that my legs haven’t ached, not because of the cycling they’ve just not felt good. Perhaps nearly 4500 miles and all those mountains have cured me, I don’t care it was just good to go for a walk last night and not be in pain.

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