Bike-Ride to Australia 19th-January 2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Thursday 19th-January 2012 Mengxing to Mangle. 48 miles. Those blooming fireworks went on for hours last night. And it’s not even New Year yet. I wondered about sticking around in China for the Chinese New Year. It could be fun. But it’s still four days away, and I think I’d get bored waiting around! And if my calculations are correct, I should cross into Laos tomorrow.

How much longer do these mountains go on for

I must admit that I’m a bit worried about crossing into Laos! I haven’t got a Laos visa, as it’s a visa on entry. My Chinese visa is single entry only, so I won’t be allowed back in once I leave China and have an exit stamp! But what if they won’t let me in? I’ll be stuck in no man’s land, between China and Laos! I hope I’ve done my homework correctly! I think this might be the only border between China and Laos that is visa on entry!

I’m Cured!

Today’s the first day in months or even years, for that matter, that my legs haven’t ached! They don’t ache when cycling, that’s fine. It’s when I walk. I’ve been struggling to walk for a long time now and have been for several tests. But nothing has ever been found. But today, they felt good. It was nice to walk around comfortably and not in pain! Perhaps after nearly 4500 miles and all these mountains, I’m cured! Who cares whether it’s the mountains or miles. It was just good to go for a walk last night and not be in pain.

I had to fix a puncture today. It’s only my second one since leaving home, which considering how many miles I’ve cycled, is pretty impressive!

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