Thursday 24th May 2012 – Austin to Eureka.

Austin to Eureka. 68 miles.

Very cold start this morning, it was cold in the night but I was fine all tucked up in my sleeping bag, which probably made it harder to get up! Still got up before 6 though. Slow start as the women that looks after the church wanted to talk as I was packing away, which is always nice, but I do like to just get going in the morning!

Riding seems to be going uphill then coming down hill and then riding along on a plateau, all very impressive scenery though!

Had trouble getting a room again tonight even though I arrived fairly early! Decided to book my room in advance for tomorrow night seeing as I know where I’m stopping, even that wasn’t that easy as all the motels were fairly booked up already, apparently their building a wind farm there!

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