Thursday 24th November 2011

Thurs 24. Seymen to Istanbul 61 miles. What a hard ride today, strong side wind which isn’t so bad until a lorry comes past then all of a sudden your not having to compensate against the wind your just heading towards the lorries wheels! Also had rain, the first time since Germany I think, so can’t really complain too much. As for the little Dolmus buses they just cut you up, think they have a competition to see who can cut you up the most! The rain had stopped but it was still windy when I got about 20 miles from Istanbul, there was road works and the traffic was hell, I’d like to say that it was 6 lanes of traffic but it was just 6 vehicles wide with everybody jockeying for position, not only was it the traffic, but you had to keep an eye out for potholes, vehicles joining from left and right, the road dividing for no apparent reason and old road signs just hanging over the carriageway waiting for you knock you off or make you swerve into other traffic! And this went on for a good couple of hours, all my senses where in overdrive, watching, listening and looking everywhere, must admit I’ve been in some traffic but nothing as bad as that, I’m worn out! Looking forward to the weekend off and seeing a familiar face, as a friends coming over for a few days. It’ll be nice to talk to somebody, I was starting to repeat my conversations to myself! No picture today I was too busy trying to stay alive!

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